Condominium Water Leaking Problem. Who is responsible?

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asked on Sep 9, 2004 at 01:13
by   drew
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The water leaks from upper unit's toilet to my master room's ceiling since I live in a condominium in 1996.

I complained this case to our maintenance office for many times, but they said that
their 18 months warranty or liability period was expired. And the upper unit owner
has refused us to fix this leakage from their unit, even I agree to pay for the full repair cost.

The water leaking eventually becomes worst in late 2003. I have consulted many water
leaking repair companies, all of them said that this leaking problem has to be fixed from the upper unit.

In this case:
(1) Should I file a lawsuit to against this upper unit owner?
(2) How much does it cost to file for this lawsuit?
(3) And how much the lawyer fee?
(4) How long does it take to settle this case in the court?
(5) Do I have a good chance to win this case?

Or do all of you have any good suggestions? Thank you so much!
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