Dual Nationality Loophole

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asked on Apr 2, 2012 at 00:37
by   snowflake
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I was born in the USA to an American mother and Malaysian father. Due to my birth place I was able to apply for a US passport as a US citizen. Due to my father being Malaysian, I was also able to obtain a Malaysian birth certificate as a Malaysian citizen (Borang W), complete with a blue IC. Although at a younger age I would have been entitled to hold 2 passports, I did not ever apply for a Malaysian passport. Instead, I have been using my US passport all this while and had held a student visa while I was studying here. In 2005 I moved back to the US to attend university. Prior to that, I have spent my life growing up in KL and attending an International school.

Due to my grandfather in Malaysia being ill, I had decided to return to Malaysia after I graduated from University in the US. I applied for a job here as a Malaysian citizen using my Malaysian IC, although still entering and exiting with my US passport. Inside my US passport, I have been entering/exiting on a tourist visa.

I have managed to get myself stuck in this loophole whereby I am working in Malaysia (now engaged to a Malaysian also, will be married this year), yet I am still holding a US passport, entering on a tourist visa. I do not want to be stuck in this loophole anymore and was wondering if anyone has any advice or knows what I should do? I would like to give up my US passport and apply for a Malaysian passport, although I do not want to entirely renounce my US citizenship - I would rather just let my passport dissolve.

Does anyone have any advice or know anyone that I could consult about this? I am willing to pay for consultation as this has been really bothering me.. many many sleepless nights.
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