Marrying a Malaysian in India

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asked on Mar 11, 2012 at 18:48
by   kriis
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My name is Ram and I am planning to marry a Malaysian Hindu (female) in India. What are the requirements do we need to be get married? I have my single status and no objection from my parents. My girlfriend also got her single status certificate a few days back and in it they mention that she is going to marry me in India. I want to get registered in Chennai. So can you please tell me the procedure? Where to get married? Notice period? How many days it will take for us after registering to get a marriage certificate? Do we go to Malaysian Embassy for registration?
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answered on Dec 26, 2017 at 00:58
by   Thiru
edited Jan 5, 2018 at 06:12
I'm an Indian Hindu boy and married a Malaysian Hindu girl, the procedure is so simple if you guys are going to get married in India... All you have to do is get your single status certificate from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), if you are Hindu make sure it's mentioned in your birth certificate, of its in Malay get it translated into English, it costs you just RM5.

In India you can either go directly to a marriage registrar office, but that will take you through lot of procedures.
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answered on Feb 12, 2018 at 12:10
by   Pravena Dewi
@Jayanthi, there's no way they can reject it. The local thasildhar is the only one who could issue the single status cert - as requested by Putrajaya JPN. I married and Indian national too and we did both of our ROM and traditional wedding ceremony here in Malaysia only. The process I went thru is this:

My husband was on a work permit so he had to cancel his work permit, went back to India and the groom must be present to apply for the letter themselves. They take some time, once applied, the officers will make a visit to the family, neighbors & friends to find out if he's really single, any issues or cases and stuff (my husband had to "take care" to speed up the process, otherwise they take a really long time). Once they've issued the letter, the groom will collect it and will send it to the ministry of foreign affairs/external affairs in Chennai or Delhi (my husband sent it to Chennai) and that office will send to the Thasildhar office again to authenticate if they really issued the cert (the cert will be in a form of a stamp paper in India - this was requested by Putrajaya). And the Thasildhar office will issue a letter again and send back the letter to the Chennai office. Once the Chennai office have received they letter and cert, they'll approve and do an attestation at the back of the cert - this whole process took about 3 1/2 months, I heard some people took longer. Once this is done, the groom then has to go to the Malaysian immigration office in India to apply for a tourist visa (only) - any Indian citizen who wants to marry a Malaysian in Malaysia will have to be on a tourist visa only(unless they're professionals). They my husband was asked to produce my single status letter. He called me from there, and I didn't know what that was. It seems that I have to go to Putrajaya JPN to get it issued. So I took time off from work and went there. It was issued within 5 minutes as our's are all computerized. They asked for my husband's details like full name as per passport and passport number. My single status letter even carried those details that the letter is issued because I'm marrying and Indian national with the name and passport number. Also, my single status letter had to stamped at ministry of foreign affairs  for a fee of RM10 (otherwise it's invalid). The building is located at Putrajaya abt 2km away from the JPN building. I just scanned and e-mailed it to him. The visa was immediately issued and he was here in 3 days. Upon arrival we had to go to the agency that deals with the Indian Embassy in Malaysia (near jalan ampang near AIA) to get a "birth-cert" (that's what they call it) of his passport to authenticate the information on his passport is true and accurate. It involves a small fee. It will take only 3 working days, u can go and collect it after that. Once done, we applied for registration of marriage at Putrajaya. The marriage registration form need to be stamped by an official translater coz of the language barrier. So, went to the court building in Putrajaya itself (they have services there) and got it stamped for RM10. The approval letter to register our marriage was issued by Putrajaya almost immediately (u can register there itself by applying with all these supporting documents) and then we chose the venue to do it Jln Duta and Putrajaya issued the letter to them. We carried the letter and went over there, but our 24 hours ROM could not be approved coz the Pengarah there has retired and no one to approve it. One indian registrar there helped us - Mr. Ramani and he issued a letter to Shah Alam as my huband's address was registered in Selangor. He personally called and spoke to the Pengarah there and explained the situation and we went there and got registered on a Saturday (that branch is open). After this, we went to Putrajaya again to apply for the spouse sponsor visa - RM 150/year. Our cost is very cheap. But my husband spent quite some sum over there to move the files and make it faster. Good luck to you.
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