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asked on Mar 14, 2007 at 15:09
by   giga79
Hi there,

I'm in a dilemna. I work for a very big organization, but can't help to think that something fishy is going on.

My colleague started working 2 months ago, and just realized that he doesn't have an EPF or SOCSO account. But to his shock and dismay, he realized that deductions for EPF and SOCSO were made in his past months' salaries. He approached the manager, and asked them if they had registered his EF and SOCSO accounts, to which they kept replying 'I don't know'. This went on for 2 weeks. Afterwhich, he called the EPF office, and the staff mentioned that it is the employer's responsibility to register the EPF and SOCSO accounts on the employee's behalf. My colleague approached management again wih this information, asking them to register the accounts for him. The management, this time a tad more harshly, asked him to do it himself. When asked about the deductions shown in his salary slip, they mentioned that they are currently holding his EPF money, and they are unaware of what happened with the SOCSO account.

What can he do? Would really appreciate your help. He is apprehensive about bringing this matter up to higher authorities, in fear of being fired. As it is, the organization has a tremendously high turn-over rate.
Kindly advise as to what he can do


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