Regarding overstay in malaysia

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asked on Feb 15, 2010 at 10:43
by   Reddy
Hello Sir/Madam

i had Employeement Pass until 11th feb 2010,but that day i didnot left the country so i become a illigal person,so what i have to do ,to become ligal person ,plz advise me.
actually i got another job in malaysia they r doing my visa process they all ready applied for visa ,but on the 11th feb 2010, the immigration department called to company director to come immigration for some clarifications on 23rd feb 2010,immigration department wants to see me also,so i have to attend the meeting on 23rd,can i attend that meeting and immigration issue the employeement pass or not plz advise to me, what i have to do...

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answered on Feb 16, 2010 at 13:49
by   Ariey
If u need help to handling your overstayed or special pass before your renewal approve,
please msg or call me
Ariey 013-6727270 (professional visa consultant)
Email :
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