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asked on Sep 26, 2000 at 21:06
by   Puzzled
Just some doubts I want to have cleared up. I am a Sarawakian who wishes to work in Sabah. I understand that I will need a work pass to work in Sabah. Is the work pass easy to get or it is produced based on the kind of work you do? How do I go about it? Someone please advise. What if I am married to a Sabahan?
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answered on Sep 27, 2000 at 14:47
by   Sabahan

Getting a work pass more or less depends on the post you are applying for. If the post can be fulfilled by a Sabahan, most likely the priority will be given to the Sabahan. However, if you are married to a Sabahan, you will be given higher priority in such application, but you will still need a work pass.

Are you in Sabah or Sarawak at this moment ? Since you are a Sarawakian, you should now the Sarawak Immigration Dept address. If you are in Sabah and wish to apply, proceed to the

Jabatan Immigresen Malaysia
Wisma Dang Bandang
4th Floor

They will provide you with a checklist of all necessary form to fill up.
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