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asked on Sep 7, 2003 at 00:04
by   Needi
I am a Pakistani Electronics Engineer,with 23 years of Job experience.I am married to a Malaysian girl from Penang.We were married in Pakistan.Our marriage is registered with Malaysian High Commision in Pakistan.We have a son  (of 4 now) who was born in Malaysia and registered there as citizen.Primarily, Due to my Job limitations we have visited Malaysia only twice and also because the Immigration Deptt. issues only 1 month's visit pass to Paksitanis.And its very difficult to extend the visa further.
Now, I am retired from the job and intend to stay for longer periods with my wife in Malaysia with a plan to settle there, legally.
I have learnt that lately the women's rights group in Malaysia have protested against the unequal treatment regarding the female and male foriegn spouses and the minister of women's affair division  "Madam Sharizat" got this bill passed in the Parliament and have amended the rules regarding the immigration of male foriegner husbands, which has been announced in the press as well by Deputy Prime Minister "Datuk Abdullah Badawi" stating that foriegn husbands can stay for longer periods now in Malaysia and can seek jobs or PR, with an extendable 2 years visa granted to them.
I would like to know ,  How to apply for that category of "Spouse Visa" which entitles a foriegn husband to stay for longer periods in Malaysia ,and seek a job or PR.

Our biggest dilemma in this regard is that if I travel to Malaysia and apply over there ,then for  Pakistanis only 1 month visit pass is issued and that is extremely limited time to seek information, getting all the documents done,applying for this type of visa and then getting a positive response (hopefully) from Damansara!
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answered on Sep 21, 2003 at 16:38
by   rina
From whom did you find out that they issue only 1 month visit pass to Pakistanis.Did you try to extend your visit pass or tell them that you're married to a Malaysian girl. I have gone thru this but my husband is an Indian citizen.We told them we're married so that they don't stamp final on the visit pass when we went to extend after a month.If you're planning to work and stay here the only way is try to get a company that's wiling to sponser you to work here.About the process don't worry because they (Immigration) will give you a special pass while waiting for it to be approved by the Immigration.
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answered on Sep 23, 2003 at 11:53
by   Vince
You can apply and get all necessary procedures done from Pakistan before coming to Malaysia.

Visit the website:

You may also try search for job listing in Malaysia to find a job and an employer before coming here.

Or you can come as a Business Investor for Business Ventures, If you or YOUR WIFE have/has the money.

Or If you Malaysian Wife is Rich Enough to Give and prove a GUARANTEE to the Immigration Department Saying that SHE GUARANTEES and SHOULD BE ABLE TO SUPPORT YOU FOR "FEW YEARS" EVEN WITHOUT JOB AND INCOME IN MALAYSIA.
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answered on Oct 2, 2003 at 23:51
by   Needi
I did not learn from anyone but experienced it myself while travelling to Malaysia.They give you one month visa at the airport despite your repeated announcements that you are married to a Malaysian wife and they ask you to go to Damansara for the extension.Once you are at Damansara those unfriendly and uncooperative immigration officials extend your visa for 30 days maximum,completely ignoring your requested period mentioned in the application form and also chop it final and they refuse to listen to any arguments in this regard especially if you are speaking English and not BM.
I have talked to the High commisioner here in Pakistan and they say you have to apply for this visa in KL.
I have checked the website of
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