What are my rights when stopped by traffic police?

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asked on Jan 15, 2016 at 21:53
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I would like to ask for advice on point of law and would highly appreciate if anyone could assist?

1. I saw a lot of traffic police stopping vehicles and saying that his partner saw the driver commit an offence a few kilos away. Is this way of stopping motorist legal? Is the charges legal?

2. Same modus operandi a traffic police stop me and inform me that his partner down the road saw that I use my hand-phone. I have my hands-free stuck to my ear and I told him I didn't make calls and ask him to see my hands free and then he changed the charge and say that it is also an offence to hold the hand-phone while driving - is it right? (when he stop me my hand-phone was on the seat not in my hand)

3. He ask me to sign on the Summon and I say no because I didn't do wrong and instead he can send it to my address if he insist. Because of that he wrote on the summon accusing me of Disobeying Police Instructions. (on top of using hand phone) - Firstly - is it an offence for refusing to sign on the summon? Secondly is it correct to accuse me of Disobeying Instructions for refusing to sign?

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answered on Aug 10, 2016 at 21:48
Secondly is it correct to accuse me of Disobeying Instructions for refusing to sign? 

Yes Correct. But you still need not sign. Go to court and fight it out.
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