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asked on Sep 8, 2015 at 22:48
I'm Vietnam citizen When entering KLIA 2 on August 2015 the immigration officer stamp me special pass for 7 days requested me to report to Immigration Putrajaya enforcement due to my passport indicated frequently come in from April 2015 basically 1 stayed within 27 days, I have official return ticket(within 27 days) stayed in Kuala Lumpur with my boyfriend, he take care all expenses, rental room etc during my staying here
As requested of officer I and BF went to Putrajaya and officer do some interview me and BF for my purpose visit, my BF as sponsor need to copy ID with detail in Pass form application, lastly they give Pass Visit (Full Sticker in my passport)for 30 days (valid till 9/9/2015)
Recently on 7/9/15 I go back Vietnam thru KLIA2
I plan after 10 days in family home I want come back to see my BF again
My passport have Pass visit indicate before so need I and BF go to Putrajaya again to obtain new Pass Visit instead of normally chop stamp valid for 30 days by Immigration Malaysia
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answered on Nov 26, 2016 at 16:10
I plan after 10 days in family home I want come back to see my BF again 
10 days in Family Home, 21 days in BF house.
Marry him and all issues are solved
The suspicion is that you are employed part time in Malaysia.
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