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asked on Aug 15, 2015 at 07:34
by   Bek1192
Hello Guys.  I really beed your advices.  My friend was a student in malaysia.  Then he wanted to go back when his student visa expired. But one of the agent said dont worry i will help you to settle you visa so u can just stay in malaysia.  Then my friend stayed in malaysia about 5 months.  After that he really needed to go back.  Then the agent said he will help him to get special pass/tourist visa.  So he did it for my friend n get 1200rm from him.  Then when my friend wanted to go back.  KLIA immigration staffs stopped him n said that his entry visa is fake.  Now he is in the immigration jail.  We dont know abything abt it.  When i talked to the agent he said he will ask lawyer to settle it. But i cabt trust to the agent anymore.   What we have to do. And what will happen to my friend. What he needs to do.   He has to come back to malaysia.  Will he be blacklisted? I really need u guys' advices pls.   URGENT!!!
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answered on Nov 26, 2016 at 16:31
by   StudentAffairs
He has to come back to malaysia.  Will he be blacklisted? 
Why has he got to come back?
Gf pregnant?
Come back after ban period.
For false documents, 5 years ban.
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