Marriage procedure for Muslim foreigners and Malaysian Muslims

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1. This information is applicable to foreigners (Muslims) who want to get married with local Malaysian Muslims (any race). A standard case example.

2. Foreigners need to get “Marital Certificate” from their home country’s local union council or town administration, stating their permanent resident address, father name and their material status with their new/current passport number. Get it attested by their local council and later Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their home country.

3. This “Marital certificate” or letter or piece of paper a foreigner needs to bring (other supporting documentation might can be required), after arrival get this "marital status certificate” attested again from their Embassy or High Commission in Malaysia.

4. The couple needs to get “kursus kahwin” certificate by attending this two days weekend classes which is about married life related affairs. (prefer English language one) 

5a. The couple then needs "immigration clearance letter" (ICL), from "Wisma Ikhlas" which is white building next to Immigration Office Putrajaya.

5b. Get this (ICL) letter attested by "Wisma putra" only then the Immigration will endorse it. It has foreigner and local picture allowing them to get married after running formal check in their system.

6. Now you have 3 documents ready to submit in to mosque imam, whom you chose to get “Nikkah”
• “kursus kahwin” certificate
• embassy attested letter
• immigration clearance letter
The imam will give you form for nikkah.

6. This form requires you to get 4 witnesses in total, IC/passport copies with their addresses AND the permission of "Wali", who is local Malaysian father or guardian. Please  make sure that Wali is aware of all the affairs. His permission is vital and it will be in written on "Nikkah" Form.

7. The foreigner and local Malaysian have to get attestation of their Malaysian residence address from local "union council" office. The local union council office varies on districts or city.

8. After completing this nikkah form, you have to go and get "registered" with Jabatan Agama Islam or Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI), depending on your district or city. You have to give date of nikkah. After JAWI or Jabatan Agama Islam registration ONLY then you will be allowed to get extension in your social visit permit.

So a foreigner has to complete this process in one month - 30 days. Some other supporting documents like girl's parent nikkah or wali nikkah nama is required if she is the eldest child.
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answered on Nov 15, 2017 at 05:23
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by   jeff005
For non Muslim marriages, the single status cert can only be obtained from your country's embassy in Malaysia.

Are you a Indian Hindu or Indian Muslim. Kashmir is a very divided state.
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answered on Dec 25, 2018 at 02:16
edited Jan 21, 2019 at 04:31
Just want to know as you said for non-Muslim marriages, the single status cert can only be obtained from my country embassy in Malaysia. What if a Muslim person wants to marry a Muslim Malaysian girl does he need to get the same single status certificate as in Islam Muslim can marry more than one? I will appreciate if you please answer my query.

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