Spouse Visa Renewal: Do both spouses need to go?

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asked on Mar 25, 2015 at 17:32
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I'm a Malaysian. My boyfriend is living in Malaysia under the United Nation supervision due to some situation. He can live in Malaysia or wherever the United Nation sent him as long as he wants.

We are planning to get married. His UN became void as he started to apply for passport. That is not the problem, as we want to apply spouse visa for him.

Our big problem starts here. I got an offer to further my study in one of Australia's university from MARA. This offer is valid until this July 2015 only. I have accepted the offer. I just think only two situation for us.

First, I go study, and marry with him after 3 years, but the PROBLEM is he can not stay in Malaysia for a long time as his UN has been void.

Second is, I marry him before I fly, but the problems is I'm going for far away for 3 years. Visa spouse need to be renewed according to the time given. I'm in Australia, while he in Malaysia.

I want to ask if, I need to go with him every time he renews his visa? or is there any other way for us? I really hope, that anybody can help to give some guide to me. Thank you
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answered on Dec 24, 2017 at 22:55
I want to ask if, I need to go with him every time he renews his visa? 

Give a call to immigration and they will answer you.
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