Cheated by agent and returned to home country on special pass. What are my chances of going to Malaysia again?

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asked on Mar 15, 2015 at 05:33
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My name is Salman and am holding Pakistani nationality right now but I used to live in London, UK. I got my education from UK, Pakistan and Egypt.

My dad wanted to start living in Malaysia as a business man. Right now he is doing business in Saudi Arabia. My dad sent me Malaysia for survey. I came to Malaysia and I liked it there but when I decided to stay and get a DP10 visa so I gave my passport to a bloody agent and it was the deadly mistake I ever done. He kept my passport for 1 year and then I found him in KL and took back my passport but it was too late.

Any way, I went back to my home country on special pass and they took my fingerprints. Now I am living in Singapore with my Singaporean wife. But as dad still want to come Malaysia plus I left everything in Johor, Malaysia including my Altis car. Now its really hard for us to send my wife to Johor to check out the house and car. For clearing my name, some of my wife's Malaysian relatives and our business partners done an appeal for me that there is no way I can break the law. The Malaysian Immigration gave them a receipt and said wait for 30 days.

Can someone please tell me how much is the chance in my case to come back to Malaysia?
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