Voluntary Repatriation of Indonesian Workers

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I have just done a voluntary repatriation for an ex-employee who is safely back in her 'kampung' in Indonesia, Central Java. I shall describe the procedure for the benefit of those in a dilemma on how to send their workers back legally without being exploited by so called Agents of blood.

With effective 8th February 2015, the repatriation process is done by a company known as IMAN, located at the 3rd floor of the Wangsa Maju Immigration Centre Kuala Lumpur. It is no longer conducted at PUTRAJAYA.


Step 1
Bring your worker to the Indonesian Embassy to get a SPLP (exit passport valid for 6 months).  Costs: RM15/xx

Step 2
Buy a valid air ticket direct to a airport nearest to their 'kampung'. 3 weeks (10 to 14 working days)

Step 3
Register at IMAN.

1. IMAN charges ------------------------------------ RM380
2. Insurance for air travel ------------------------ RM 20
3. Special Pass (exit/outpass) --------------------- RM100 (valid for 2 weeks)
4. Immigration Compound for Voluntary Repatriation - RM300
Total ---------------------------------------------- RM800

Filling the forms at IMAN is simple as ABC. Name, address at Indonesia. Nominee for air travel insurance, applicant contact number in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and at 'kampung' in Indonesia. Allow 3-4 working days for passport to come out from PUTRAJAYA back to IMAN/Wangsa Maju.

That is ALL. Agents are charging RM1,600-1,900 just to do it for employers. Nevertheless the applicant must be at the Immigration centre to do biometric finger printing twice, one at IMAN and the 2nd time at Immigration Malaysia. No agents or employers can be present at inside immigration. It is direct, simple, no questions ask about who are ex employers, and no fear, NO CHEATS! Just RM800/xx ONLY.
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