Voluntary Repatriation of Indonesian Workers

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asked on Mar 1, 2015 at 01:32
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I have just done a voluntary repatriation for an ex-employee who is safely back in her 'kampung' in Indonesia, Central Java. I shall describe the procedure for the benefit of those in a dilemma on how to send their workers back legally without being exploited by so called Agents of blood.

With effective 8th February 2015, the repatriation process is done by a company known as IMAN, located at the 3rd floor of the Wangsa Maju Immigration Centre Kuala Lumpur. It is no longer conducted at PUTRAJAYA.


Step 1
Bring your worker to the Indonesian Embassy to get a SPLP (exit passport valid for 6 months).  Costs: RM15/xx

Step 2
Buy a valid air ticket direct to a airport nearest to their 'kampung'. 3 weeks (10 to 14 working days)

Step 3
Register at IMAN.

1. IMAN charges ------------------------------------ RM380
2. Insurance for air travel ------------------------ RM 20
3. Special Pass (exit/outpass) --------------------- RM100 (valid for 2 weeks)
4. Immigration Compound for Voluntary Repatriation - RM300
Total ---------------------------------------------- RM800

Filling the forms at IMAN is simple as ABC. Name, address at Indonesia. Nominee for air travel insurance, applicant contact number in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and at 'kampung' in Indonesia. Allow 3-4 working days for passport to come out from PUTRAJAYA back to IMAN/Wangsa Maju.

That is ALL. Agents are charging RM1,600-1,900 just to do it for employers. Nevertheless the applicant must be at the Immigration centre to do biometric finger printing twice, one at IMAN and the 2nd time at Immigration Malaysia. No agents or employers can be present at inside immigration. It is direct, simple, no questions ask about who are ex employers, and no fear, NO CHEATS! Just RM800/xx ONLY.
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answered on Mar 1, 2015 at 03:45
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 06:09
1. Application for SPLP takes 1/2 day if you go at 6am.
2. AT IMAN also 1/2 day if you go at 7am to queue.
3. Retrieve approved travel docs 1/2 Hour.

I believe the appointment of IMAN is because of cheating documents by cheating Agents based at Embassy and all around the Malaysia. For every 1 real agent there are 10 false agents cheating workers BLOOD Money.

1. At IMAN, notices of false documents from JIM are posted. Very easy to duplicate, just reproduce!

2. False agents also provides false Air-tickets. They (applicants) only know about it when they check in at KLIA2.

3. Agents charge RM200-500 for the SPLP citing 'duit kopi' (bribe) for the embassy officers. Heck, those despicable persons. The officers at the Indonesia Embassy were very helpful. It will be fast if you can produce docs that you are a citizen of Indonesia. RM15 to apply for SPLP, RM35 for application for passport for new work permit.

4. Agents just bring the applicant to the Embassy, IMAN, and Immigration to be processed and tell them not to tell anyone of the purported bribery to embassy officers and our Malaysian Immigration Officers otherwise they could be arrested on the spot!

5. The big cats were let out of the bag when all applicants were confined to a room in immigration to wait for officers to biometric their finger prints. When my girlfriend told them she spent RM800, some cried citing that they borrowed lots of monies to go home RM1,600-RM1,900 CASH... on top of that expensive air tickets..(whether real ones or not still don't know).

Now I know is because I help go through the whole process. Hope this helps "those in need".
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answered on Apr 24, 2015 at 16:40
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 06:54
Can you describe more details about process to buy air ticket? I was told by agent that air ticket needs to be purchased at some ticketing agency only. For example, I want to buy ticket on 9th May to Medan. Through AirAsia website, only RM89. But he told me to give RM300 for that same date ticket. Can we buy ticket ourselves? I don't have the passport number and will only get SPLP next Monday. And was being informed that it is only valid for 14 days. Meaning that, must buy air ticket within 14 days after SPLP date right?

So after getting the SPLP, I buy air ticket, then go to WangsaMaju IMAN, show the ticket, pay compound & go to Malaysia Immigration to 'cop jari' (fingerprint chop). Am I right?
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answered on Apr 24, 2015 at 19:42
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 06:59
@ Mickey

Whenever you consult an "Agent" stories changes and the processes they tell you will be different from one to the other. Just follow what I have written above and you would be safe.

1. Bring your maid to the Indonesia Embassy on Mondays as early as possible. Make sure all docs pertaining to identity is available if she does not have her passport details (like former photocopies). If no docs, it will take days or even weeks. They embassy will need their "Tapir" something like that, if don't have, a certificate (current one) from their 'kampung' stating their existence, some form of "family cert". It varies from district to district. You just can't walk and says "I am Indonesian".. The officers will tell you to get fax copies from 'kampung'.

2. With complete docs the embassy will issue a SPLP which is valid for 6 months (costs RM15).

3. With the SPLP in hand comes the tricky part, planning the trip.. Buying date of travel ticket. You have to buy the ticket with the name and passport no. After buying the ticket, you go immediately to IMAM to "sign up" voluntary repatriation. Go early and I mean very early. There they will process the application. After that the officers there will group them together (all that morning applicants) and bring them direct to the IMMIGRATION DEPT FOR 2ND ROUND OF BIOMETRIC WORK and further verification. The "special pass" will not come immediately, their specified time-frame 4 working days. They may call the register handphone or you can call if the passports plus special pass is back to the immigration centre.

The special pass is valid for 14 days from date of issue (not date of application), so you must buy the ticket before the expiry of the special pass. Buying too early a date may result in the missing of the flight. Buy too late a date may cause the application to be rejected. You must allow a 10 WORKING DAYS window for the special pass application to validity date. NOTE.. repeat.. WORKING DAYS.. Next month got too many public holidays that can cause serious hiccups.

The best way is to buy air ticket on the same day once you get the SPLP passport and be to the IMMIGRATION by 7am next morning. All I can say is "we" bought the tickets ourselves thru AIRASIA.. Have not yet heard that there is a "cartel" monopolising even the air tickets.

Do things start on Mondays and be aware of public holidays in Malaysia and at Indonesia. It does affects air ticket prices. Most important is to get your maid safely home. Our conscience will be rewarded.

buy air ticket, then go to WangsaMaju IMAN, show the ticket, pay compound & go to Malaysia Immigration to 'cop jari' (fingerprint chop).
In Kuala Lumpur, the Immigration is in the same building below floor. IMAN is 3 floor. Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) is Ground Floor. IMAM official will bring your maid direct. NO AGENTS NO FRIENDS NO EMPLOYERS ALLOWED. Allow the docs, SPLP, AIR TICKETS, receipts are surrender to JIM. IMAN will issue docs to certify docs are held by immigration and she can travel anywhere without obstructions from any road blocks. I bought my friend to Genting, Camerons and Melaka for holidays.

Hope the above helps...

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answered on Apr 29, 2015 at 21:52
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 07:08
Just want to inform you. Yesterday I sent my maid to IMAN. I already purchased flight ticket from AirAsia on Monday. But got rejected by IMAN. Nowadays, flight/ferry ticket MUST be booked through IMAN only. Then only they will allow you to register for 'Pemulangan Balik Program'. After register & pay compound, IMAN will give specific time to come back for 2nd fingerprint step at Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM). Mine is tomorrow morning. Whilst the one that come earlier, have to come today. Usually after pay, whether have to come the day after or the next next day. Just because one day they have quota of 250 person only for them to sent to JIM. And they said the docs will be ready on the same day. Not 4 working days anymore. I hope its true... *finger cross*

That's all. I just want to inform you. Maybe you want to edit your thread at the forum to help others.

P.S.: Sudah lah rugi duit tiket kene reject, IMAN sells tiket way more expensive than normal price. Aiyoooo.. IMAN also money suckers..

Sent from my iPhone
Thanks a lot for your new information. IMAN has new regulations to make more money. I am sorry about the loss of 33% air ticket moneys to AirAsia. Perhaps it is also a good practice that IMAN sells the ticket as in the days when I was there quite a number of people were caught having an earlier ticket. They have to adjust the flight and loss of 33% for ticket cancellation plus at new rates.

I chanced upon there on the 12th Feb. IMAN just just started being operational on 8thFeb. Rules and quotas have been "modified" now. Things must be jamming up when the masses is aware of it being operational.

Thanks again. I shall update in my posting on Lawyerment so that the new rules and conditions will not catch others offguard. Postings on Lawyerment cannot be edited subsequently only an update can be done.
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answered on Apr 29, 2015 at 22:13
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 07:10


1. Must purchase air tickets or ferry tickets through them.

2. Quotas have been imposed.
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answered on Apr 30, 2015 at 04:13
@ Jeff

You're a respectful man.
May I know this information is including all nationalities and only workers?
How about a person who comes as social visitor?

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answered on Apr 30, 2015 at 06:06
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 07:15

Thank you. I wrote it so that the poor immigrants would not be cheated by scamming/bogus agents which are every where.

This IMAN is set up for the purpose of repatriating of illegal workers from Indonesia plus also acts to bring them in again after 6 months as skilled workers. My friend was banned for 6 months for re-entry. Since they have her records, I can bring her in again after 6 months as a skilled worker. They quoted RM6,800 in February but now they may change their MO again.

How about a person who comes as social visitor?
IMAN registration forms is very simple as described above unless they change again. No questions asked on how they come into Malaysia the last time and on what type of visa. In the past Indonesians coming have a 1 month "Pelancong" i.e. Tourist Visa which can be extended by another month upon application and payment of fees. Now there may have been changes.

For you, There is harm in trying to contact them, who knows miracles can happen.

For the Bangladeshis, 1 ex-worker of mine left to go home last week to get married. He did tell me they too have an authorised agent to do it. However, their penalties are a couple of hundreds of ringgit higher than the Indonesians. Best is for Bangladeshis to go direct to their Embassy for info instead of speculating on who their agents are.
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answered on Jun 19, 2015 at 15:09
Nak tanya 3P masih hidup. Agent cakap ada lagi. Betul ke?
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answered on Jul 28, 2015 at 13:56
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 07:18
Thanks for the helpful info.
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answered on Jul 30, 2015 at 23:14
edited Feb 1, 2017 at 07:20

I got a maid from a so called relative who promised work permit 18 months ago but after waiting for so long we threaten to make police report for fraud and finally got the truth from her that no permit is done for my maid. So now, I need to send my Indonesian maid back home soon via self deportation route, and I'm hoping I can bring her back. Would you know how long will an Indonesian maid be banned? Like your previous post that u helped an ex employee deported back, do you know how long she was banned? And is there any route for me to bring my maid back in legally as domestic helper?

I was told that she came in via tourist visa, 30 this year and from Java. She has a valid passport.

Thank you so much for your advice on this, very much appreciated if you can shed some light.
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