The process of receiving and granting of work permits for foreigners

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We are Vietnamese company used to working with many customers in Malaysia and today we want to share some information about the process of receiving and granting of work permits for foreigners in Malaysia. We hope you'll find it useful for you.

Step 1: Based on the receiving labor license, demand and result in foreign labor recruitment, employers will send personal profile of employees (bios data) to the Department of Immigration, Malaysia's Ministry of Internal Affairs to register and apply for calling visa.

Data bios include: passport (copy), 3 photos 3,5x5 (original) and the results of a medical examination as required in Malaysia (original), which certifies that they are in a good health to work in Malaysia.

In about a month (depending on the specific regulations of each state in Malaysia), the Immigration Department will consider and grant calling visas to employers by numbers after the adjustment. These cases are not granted a calling visa:  the area is restricted or prohibited entry into Malaysia (Black List) for violations of Malaysia's law before or having other motivations could be detrimental to the security situation, politics in Malaysia....; age is inconsistent with the provisions for foreign laborers working in Malaysia (18-45 years old); health screening results are not achieved if they have hepatitis B, infectious disease ....; workers are "active" which means workers are unregistered to leave Malaysia but still consider as working or staying in Malaysia ...

Step 2: Submit the calling visa and passport (original) of the employees to apply for immigration permission at Embassy of Malaysia in Vietnam.

Step 3: Within 03 months from the date of entry, the employees will be registered and made a work permit issued by the Immigration Department of the Malaysia Internal Ministry.

Work permit has a term of a year and could renewed annually, depending on the contract of employment with the employer, but not exceed 05 years. In the case of the employees and the employers want to renew the contract since 6th year onwards, the employees have to go back to their country at least 03 months before returning to Malaysia to work under a contract extension.
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