Pre Mature Marriage Visa

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asked on Dec 7, 2014 at 00:16
Hi there... I just want to get some feedback and share the troublesome that me and my hubby went thru. My hubby is an Iranian. We have married on 6th May 2014. Since that, now my husband is holding a pre mature marriage Visa...and will be due on February 2015. As per the Immigration Officer, when we collected the pre marriage visa for the last seven month, once our marriage have completed maturity by 6th Months,means after 6th November 2014, we can open the file and submit all the related documents to proceed with his renewal of visa. And during this time, he will definitely allow to work.
Now, my husband have a great job offers and need him to start work by mid of December 2014. So since our marriage also have been more than 6 months, we went to immigration on 1st December 2014...unfortunately, the officer at the counter have told us that we can only submit our documents and it is depends to the immigration either to allow him to work or not from now on...that was really confused we were understood, upon completed 6 months marriage, he needs to renew his visa in order for him to have permission to work. But when the immigration told us that, we were shock, and so speechless... we tried to ask again and again to ensure everything we heard correctly...the answers was same. This is not the answer that we expected cause its was totally different from what we have been told.
Feeling unsatisfied, the same day, we went to Immigration Putrajaya, once they checked all the documents, they said only Jalan Duta Immigration can proceed our documents.As they are handling for Iran.

And due to the so many confusion, until now, we havent submit our documents yet.And still looking for the best solution.Most probably we will try to go again for next week for another trial of submission. And this time again, we will bring all the related documets and cant wait to hear what is the answer that immigration want to give this time. I just hope everything will be in order. And honestly, i just feel that Immigration should have some standard procedure for all this. Cause now it shows that so many rules or maybe new rules have changed again and again.Please advise us if any of u out there went thru the same...thanks
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