Dual Nationality

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asked on Nov 15, 2014 at 22:22
Hi, after read study miriboy article "Chinese authorities not recognising the ROA Cert in an old passport", I am just wondering except China and any country do the same "Do not recognising the UK ROA cert in our old passport"?

I like travel and i afraid if most countries do the same as China, then I will get trouble every time when I return to the UK. Am I right? I have just renewed my MH passport in London. Also, I have applied my British Citizenship recently, (3 months ago) and I am still waiting for this approval. I am wondering if I apply BRP (premier service – say next week) is still too late? I understand that I won’t be allowed to apply BRP (NTL – No Time Limit) after I got the British citizen.

Please advice.

Thanks for the help anyway.
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