Kids born in Australia to Malaysian Mother

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asked on Sep 10, 2014 at 04:05

I have a little boy (3 years old) and a little girl (1 year old) both born in Australia to an Australian father and I am Malaysian holding a PR visa in Australia. Both kids are Australian citizen but I wanted to find out what are the processes involved to obtain Malaysian Birth Certificate for my kids.

I had a look at the High Com's website and I can only see info on either for "Child Registration for Birth Certificate before a year old and after a year old (Malaysian Father)" & "Child Registration for Citizenship Certificate before a year old (Foreign Father)"..

So how about for children that are 1 year old and older, born to a foreign (Australian, in my children's case)father? Can they still register for the certificate? Is it possible to get this done in any JPN branch in Malaysia rather than having to fly over to Canberra?

We are heading back to KL end of this year for a long overdue holiday, we are hoping to get this done while we are there.. If it is possible, any idea how long usually the process would take?

I would appreciate any input, suggestions, insights, answers.. anything!

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