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asked on Aug 17, 2014 at 07:57
by   Roni
I am from Bangladesh and I want a good suggestion to you. I am graduate & Married person. Now a days I got information about professional visa (DP10) which is provide for overseas. After that I gather more information about this type of visa through internet and highly interested to get this visa. From our country several time I tried but could not success to get this visa due to our Government/ Consultancy firm fault/ my luck. In this circumstances, If I come to Malaysia by visit visa and contact you; could you help me to get this  professional visa (DP10) by changing my visa status? or, A visitor can apply for Category-1 professional visa (DP10)? Please advice me what shall I do?

I look forward to your valuable reply.

Thanking You

Md. Mozibur Rahman
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