Msian Passport Confiscated (expired & overstayed abroad)

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asked on Aug 15, 2014 at 06:35
I just returned to M'sia after 10 years in the US. Went there on a tourist visa, with the intention of marrying my bf, a US PR. We took the first steps to apply for my green card  but due to severe financial difficulties we didn't continue. My M'sian passport expired in 2010. So for my return trip to Malaysia this year I applied for an Emergency Travel Doc. with the intention of renewing my Passport when I got back to Malaysia. Boy, what a mess....

First, my expired M'sian passport & Emergency Travel Document (which were stapled together) were confiscated at KLIA Immigration Office. Then Immigration@KLIA gives me a letter to take to Bahagian Keselamatan @Immigration Putrajaya after 1 month of my arrival @KLIA.

So, I go to Putrajaya and they ask me pages after pages of "why i was in the US, what I was doing etc" and made copies of every relevant document I had. Then the officer says because I overstayed and because my passport expired 4 years ago, chances of me renewing / getting a new passport is very slim - not likely for at least 2-3 years.

I was told I could do a surat rayuan if I had to leave the country for work purposes, but it will have to be "dipertimbangkan oleh Pengarah". What else can I do now? Wait it out (2-3 years) or do rayuan after rayuan everytime I'm required to leave the country for work?
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