How can I obtain MalaysianIC/MyKid for my child without Islam status

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asked on Jul 14, 2014 at 16:22
I am a Malaysian citizen. I am now married to a Mexican national and currently live in Mexico. I have no wish to return to Msia to live permanently other than the occasional visit to family. My mother is Malay and my father is Msian but falls under the 'Lain-lain' category. He was a convert to Islam to marry my mother. I was raised Muslim but in my teens I decided that religion/god makes no sense to me and have been secretly atheist ever since. I would try to 'act Muslim' by not doing things out of the norm and just live my life peacefully. The thing now is, I have married and moved on and now since having my child I would want them to have an option to choose their nationality when they turn 18. If they choose a Mexican passport that's fine by me but as a Msian citizen they have a right to be Msian citizens too. Since my husband and I are both atheist we do not practice any religion at home and if I apply for a MyKid their status has to be Muslim. This I do not want.
Additional info : when we got married in Msia I forged a letter of conversion for my husband. During the whole wedding process no one asked him to profess the Syahadah so we got away with it. So my husband is 'Muslim' in the eyes of Msian law.
Is there any way for my child to not have Islam on their MyKid?
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