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asked on Jul 5, 2014 at 16:38
by   rajib das
Dear Sir,
I m a Rajib Das from Bangladesh. Last year 2 year before i came to Malaysia under student visa.First year they will give me visa and second time they will give me 6 month visa.Then tried times when i submit my passport they didn't give me visa.when i submit my passport 25 July 2013 but my visa still have. my passport visa expire 2 august foreigner determent teacher told me you need to pass 1 month,needs some Money for travel pass  Rm around rm 800 then i pass to him rm 800.Then after 5 month later he give me my passport without visa.He told me i m already region and he told me i give one college transfer letter. Now i have been without visa around 10 months in Malaysia.Now i really want to go back to Bangladesh,My mother admit in hospital,she is very dangerous condition.My needs to going back as soon possible.Last day i m going to immigration they told me you needs to go college and told them help you.but they didn't help me, you needs to find before foreigner Depertmet teacher but his mobile off.sir i don't  know how i go back in my country as soon as please kindly help me..

Is there got any fined for overstayed with expired visa ? Where she should go to find out the proper way. Please advice us to solve this matter. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for helping us.
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