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asked on Jun 18, 2014 at 11:09
by   Mohamed
Asalamalykom , im from palstine ,my proplem im overstayd from 12feb2012 until today the case for my overstayd my colige was losted my passport and lay to me becuase the collige was contact with agent who do my pass the agent his runaway the the collige lay to me and i do report polise in IPD  then the colige give me my pass and student vise is overstayed and from 1week i have letter from my empassy i go immigration and he say if compaond i pay around 2000Rm if i wait 1/7 by my empassy i pay 500Rm my sitiation very bad and the sitation in gaza now bad and i dont have to pay2000Rm i need help . The quation is : 1 if i go to immigation i have tikets fly and letter from my empassy i want fly on view days he can do for me . Becuase the gates so difficult when they open , i dont know what i can do .
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