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asked on Jun 3, 2014 at 22:55
Hello to everyone!!I have a big problem..Im from the philippines came here as a domestic helper or maid.But i run away from my employer.I have a malaysian boyfriend and were planning to get maried.We went to Immgration to check my status.And we found out that im in.the blacklisted.The immigration officer told us that we need to pay the penalty which is 2000Myr.And my boyfriend letter stating that he will going to marry we went there again to pay the said amount.but unfortunately they asks us to make a police report.And when i got the police report i immediately went again to immigration office.but they asked to leave my passport and they going to contact us..Very terrible coz im planning to go back to my country as soon as possible.but it keeps on laying.And today we inquire again.And they said that my boss beforee made a letter about my run away.What i can i do to make to process fast.what if i go to our embassy?please help
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