Regaining Malaysian Citizenship (Got Australian Citizenship 8 Years Ago)

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asked on Apr 2, 2013 at 14:34
by   Gatal Fellow
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Just a quick question. About 10 years ago my family and I migrated to Australia from Malaysia. I was then asked by my dad to obtain Australian citizenship shortly after for certain purposes.

I have never formally renounced my Malaysian citizenship (ie never submitted any formal forms to the Malaysian govt).

I am curious as to whether I can still 'covertly' maintain my Malaysian citizenship in this case?

I still have my old IC card from my high school days (ie the pre-MyKad one).

I also have my Malaysian passport too, most likely expired now.

However, I have flown into Malaysia a couple of times now using my Australian passport.

What would qualify me in the eyes of the Malaysian govt as being a 'Malaysian' still? I'd venture to guess that I'd need to update my IC into a MyKad and somehow renew my Malaysian passport??

And lastly, is any of this strictly illegal in the eyes of the Malaysian law? Ie what would happen to me if I was caught out by the Malaysian govt for trying to maintain my Malaysian citizenship? I would have thought at the very worst, they'd only reject my application, but no problems as I can always fall back on my Australian citizenship and passport. Am I right in my assumptions?

Thanks, law dudes here!
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