Malaysian Certificate of Good Conduct

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asked on Mar 11, 2013 at 20:26
by   zenman
Dear all,

I am currently a Malaysian citizen and an Australian PR working in Melbourne. However, as part of my application for Australian citizenship, I have been requested to obtain a Malaysian certificate of good conduct. I have been informed that Putrajaya will not process the certificate of good conduct until they verify the reasons behind the request ie I have to show them the letter from the Australian immigration office.

Has anyone obtained a Malaysian certificate of good conduct lately (ie in late 2012/2013) as part of their Australian citizenship and whether there is a need to produce the letter from Australian immigration to Putrajaya.

Please help..Many many thanks..
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3 Answers

answered on Mar 14, 2013 at 19:58
by   Expat

1.       Apply online at
2.       Submit the following documents to our office:
a)      2 copies of application form
b)      2 copies of Passport (photo and signature page)
c)       2 copies of IC (front and back)
d)      2 copies of Australian Visa/E-visa
e)      2 recent passport-sized photo

Fee: AUD 10 (fees may change based on the current official rate of exchange)

Please bring along original documents for certification purposes.
If you are planning to post your application, please certify all documents and include a self addressed envelope with amount of AUD 10 payable to the Consulate General of Malaysia.

Take note that the certificate will take 3 to 4 months to be issued.

Look at the above site for forms and more details
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answered on May 26, 2013 at 23:16
by   lucill3belle
can i bring the copies of the required documents to the Putrajaya office & get them to certify it on the spot?
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answered on Jun 14, 2013 at 20:48
by   Lingharpsichord
Zen man, have u managed to lodge your citizenship application? Wat happened to your cert of good conduct?
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