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asked on Aug 18, 2010 at 05:11
by   Kangaroo
I REFER to the story on the custody battle for an 11-year-old girl (The Star, Aug 13). As a mother I can understand Tan Siew Siew’s yearning to have custody of her daughter.

However, what I cannot understand is why did the Court of Appeal still grant custody to the mother when the poor girl stated in no uncertain terms that she did not want nor loved her mother.

I had to choke back my tears when I read Bi-Anne telling the judges: “She took care of me for nine months, but my father took care of me for 10 years.”

Obviously, the father-daughter bond must have been so strong and the father’s sacrifice so great that even an 11-year-old child has the wisdom and maturity far beyond her years to utter the truth – right from her heart.

If Tan truly loves her daughter, she should give up the custody battle.

I have seen how many of today’s fathers are epitomes of the ideal father. My own husband is one fine example. He changes diapers, bonds with our kids, does 10,001 things – too many to mention.

I strongly feel that the law must recognise the ability and importance of the father in raising a child, and mothers should not have over-riding rights in a custody case.

There are many women who divorce because they want to have independence and fun.

When they are dumped by their boyfriends, they try to patch things up, return to their husbands; and failing which, want to have custody of their children.

Although I do not know what actually transpired in this case and why the father got custody of the girl previously, the court should take into consideration the welfare of Bi-Anne.

In all probability she may be taken to a foreign country, far away from her father.

George Town.
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