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asked on Aug 18, 2010 at 05:11
I REFER to the story on the custody battle for an 11-year-old girl (The Star, Aug 13). As a mother I can understand Tan Siew Siew’s yearning to have custody of her daughter.

However, what I cannot understand is why did the Court of Appeal still grant custody to the mother when the poor girl stated in no uncertain terms that she did not want nor loved her mother.

I had to choke back my tears when I read Bi-Anne telling the judges: “She took care of me for nine months, but my father took care of me for 10 years.”

Obviously, the father-daughter bond must have been so strong and the father’s sacrifice so great that even an 11-year-old child has the wisdom and maturity far beyond her years to utter the truth – right from her heart.

If Tan truly loves her daughter, she should give up the custody battle.

I have seen how many of today’s fathers are epitomes of the ideal father. My own husband is one fine example. He changes diapers, bonds with our kids, does 10,001 things – too many to mention.

I strongly feel that the law must recognise the ability and importance of the father in raising a child, and mothers should not have over-riding rights in a custody case.

There are many women who divorce because they want to have independence and fun.

When they are dumped by their boyfriends, they try to patch things up, return to their husbands; and failing which, want to have custody of their children.

Although I do not know what actually transpired in this case and why the father got custody of the girl previously, the court should take into consideration the welfare of Bi-Anne.

In all probability she may be taken to a foreign country, far away from her father.

George Town.
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 05:14
Friday August 13, 2010
I don’t want mummy, says girl in custody fight

PUTRAJAYA: It was a heart-wrenching scene at the Court of Appeal here when three appellate judges tried to persuade an 11-year-old girl to give her mother a second chance.

Low Bi-Anne had initially refused to meet her mother Tan Siew Siew, 37, when the custody battle case was called up. The mother has been given custody of the child.

However, Bi-Anne, who was in tears, sat close to her father, real-estate negotiator Low Swee Siong, 40.

Upon hearing submissions by the parties, Court of Appeal judge Justice Sulong Matjeraie, who chaired a three-man panel, asked the girl to give her mother a chance to show her love.

“Your mother came all the way from England to see you,” he said.

Justice Mohamed Apandi Ali told her: “Your mother took care of you for nine months. Give it a try.”

Upon hearing this, Bi-Anne said: “She took care of me for nine months but my father took care of me for 10 years.”

Justice Jefrey Tan Kok Wha told the girl: “I am sure (both your parents) love you equally.”

The girl then wept and said: “I don’t love her.”

Lawyer T. Susamma, who acted for the girl’s mother, said her client was heartbroken at not having access to her daughter.

Susamma applied to the Bench for the girl’s father, Low, to surrender her birth certificate and all school records.

Counsel Chan Kah Ling, who represented Low, requested that the court give them 14 days or a month to comply with the order.

Justice Sulong ordered that the birth certificate be given to Tan within seven days.

The couple married on Aug 2, 1999. When they divorced on June 19, 2006, the custody of the girl was given to the father.

After two years, the mother applied for custody.

On Aug 6, 2008, High Court judge Justice Hinshawati Sharif ordered that custody of the girl be given to the mother and the father be given reasonable access. However, the order could not be executed because Bi-Anne did not want to go to her mother.

On July 27, the father appealed to the Court of Appeal against the lower court ruling but later withdrew it. Yesterday was the execution of the High Court order for the custody of the child to the mother.
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 05:30
What would you get when you feed em peanuts. Yes, you get monkeys there too. Believe it or not thats exactly what happens in our beautiful bolehland. The state of art in everything across the spectrum of administration, be it Education, Welfare and Health or whatever you choose to mention. Need I say more. Look at th mirror - In Bolehland anything and everything goes.. There is no more room for good old fairness anymore. Believe you me, It's really getting blantant by the day..Who cares! Thanks, we have 1Malaysia for a bresther I still keep wondering what is running in the minds.. It doesnt nee rocket science to know the proof of the pudding is in it's tasting. Great minds think alike - u know what I mean.. That's the good old Malaysia.
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 05:43
We strongly feel that the law must recognise the ability and importance of FATHERS in raising children, and MOTHERS should not have over-riding rights in a custody case.

There are many women who choose divorce because they want to have independence and fun with their ex-boyfren or other married men in teir neighbourhood or vicinity.

My ex-wife is blatntly having an affair with a married man who lives one floor above of her condominium. My children are eye-witness to it and are afraid to voice it out for fear of repercussion on them.

That's how brave is this woman who holds a senior position in the teaching profession. Don't think for a moment that these women need the protection of the law. In fact they are the worst law breakers. When caught, tears become their weapon. Seen enuff...
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 06:03
Read the article and pause for a moment.. think.. you don't need any education in general laws or humanity to know between what is right and what is wrong.. but yet some simple people do not get it right, time and again this is happening all over the place.. Why? That's becos without maturity one can never get to understand the facts.. This is what happens when you results on the express lane. Such things one does not get learn from any school. We got a long long way to go before we realise our mistakes. We got to realise it sooner or later. By the time that happens we are reaching to our graves.
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 06:14
Shame be upon these little Napoleons who think they know everything. Little do they know that their moves they are being watched in all angles by the public at large. Shame befall upon such creatures. Such people are like a big frogs sitting on a small pond not knowing how they look to rest of the world. Sooner karma will get them and that will be final. Thats our only hope left in Malaysia today. Step outside to know who you really are.
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 06:23
Th real big crooks in society are staring right at your face here. Enuff is enuff, there has been to many casualities to mention. It's time the public sends such people to where they originate and end all misery to the future of mankind. I hope u know what I mean.
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answered on Aug 18, 2010 at 15:30
Let me see - What's ever happened the good philosophy used by Family Court Judges world over i.e. "The welfare of the child is of paramount importance".

A judge cannot be a Psychiatrist and vice versa.  Why must a butcher to do a electrician's job in an important case as this. The decision should be fair an crystal clear. This mother should only get access until a time her daughter get to bond with her. BUT WAIT A MINUTE, I forgot this is Malaysia where things are done to the detriment of a party. Well, the truth is the mother probably could not have a child from her new husband in England so she comes back to get her daughter whom she abandoned back then. She succesfully belittled our kangaroo courts and is getting away with such a foolish system here. Here is a case of "Buang Bayi" now seeking to take back when situation changes. This poor father need to put up such nonsense in our country. Justice at it's best!
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answered on Aug 21, 2010 at 05:14
Our country has become a laughing stock and a joke for rest of the world. All one need to do to find out about ourselves - is to step out of our country. Here, a lot of things get swept under the carpet.

If you think you can get justice - you are in for a rude shock.  What we have here is called Just Ice. How do lawyers make lots of money. If you want Justice do not look at Courts you might be better with God(s). You will be surprise ironically, that god works in mysterious ways.

We ought to be ashamed, becos' we think that all is going on fine in pretext. There is A growing rot taking place across the wide spectrum in every dept. agencies be it Education, Health, finance Defence you name it... We are ACTUALLY failing very badly.

Many unethical pratices and bad people are climbing up the ladder included in the toplist are lawyers.
There is little room for good people. Too many bad people around and they outnumber the good ones.

So much so, today to be good sounds strange. Majority do not belief in truth and honesty.
Cheats and liars are having a field day now.  It's all topsy turvy now - a sign of doomsday.

Animals live better life and do not put another of it's kind thru torture.
It's a world of dog eat dog. If you do not eat another than you get eaten - that's the moral today.

If you think the system cares for you and you can depend on it then I am so sorry to tel you that soon you will be witnessing a living death sentence from now on. et ready to be tossed and turned from every angle. When when it's all over that will be the end of he world.
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answered on Aug 21, 2010 at 18:01
Beneath it all while both lawyers ae minting money, the children are suffering, both the parents in misery, the on on the bench ppratices bigotry as in the above. The thot running in the mind will be, in which way can a decision be made such as to do the greatest damage to the warring factions including both your children, they will ensure one thing certain "all of you who stand before me will be doomed to serve rest of your lives in hell. That's what is hapening in our family courts under bigot judges. It's a hoax to say that we belong to a caring society. In actual fact who the heck cares, there is no avenue for mediation, A
Alternate Dispute Resolution or Counselling - to see a greater picture for the welfare of the children. "Senior" Lawyers too are very busy building their fortunes when you have a corrupt system in place. Only divine powers will know how terrible has our civil society become. Animals have all along live in better order. Why need go to court, say save money and do not litigate. Let things take it's own course after all it's family. There is no need for any DRAMA.
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answered on Aug 21, 2010 at 18:17
This is what a judge in London did in 2006: A judge whose affair with a married woman drove her jealous husband to murder is facing the prospect of a disciplinary inquiry into his behaviour.

James Muir-Little, 45, cheated on his wife with Joanne Hall, 31, after meeting her through an Internet site for 'swingers'. Mrs Hall's husband Gavin is beginning a life sentence for murder after he cold-bloodedly killed the couple's three-year-old daughter Amelia to punish his wife for the affair. Hospital radiographer Hall, 33, smothered and strangled Amelia - known as Millie - after giving her anti-depressant pills to make her drowsy. He then texted his wife, who was asleep upstairs with the couple's younger daughter Lucy, to say he had taken Millie's life as revenge for her 'deceit'
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