Girl does not want Mother

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asked on Aug 16, 2010 at 20:12
by   peanuts
I read the sad tale of the court of appeal granting custody of a girl to the mother even though the girl does not want to go back to the mother and chooses to remain with the father. This in my opinion is absurd. It is child abuse and it looks like the courts are indifferent towards crimes committed towards children. The girl clearly does not want to go back to the mother. Why did Hinshawati grant custody to the mother even though the mother left the father and child and went away? Why did the court of appeal uphold Hinshawati's decision? Looks like children do NOT have rights in this God forsaken country. No wonder babies are being thrown away like garbage. We need a comprehensive policy that looks at the best interest of the child rather than allow a bunch of old people who are no longer in touch with the society they serve to make decisions.

I for one would allow the child to remain with the father as he has looked after her all these years and given the mother reasonable access.

I invite comments from the legal community on this issue.  Thanks.
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