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asked on Jan 21, 2010 at 00:59
by   husband
I am 30 years male married with one child age 3.i want to divorce my wife.We have married for 2 years.I want to hire a lawyer to get custody of my son and my assets.I have 5 property under my own name which i bought before i married but stil have loan with the bank.Do i stil have to tranfer my asset to my wife?.She dont contribute single cents to the family and property. I dont want her to get any of my property.My wife have alpha thalassemia which is a kind of blood disease that make her weak and tired.Since marry,the baby is under the care of my mother for 3 years while she work and stay separately with the baby.She only back to see the baby twice a months when she is off duty.I stay with her but i visit and care my child quite often as i do my own business and had free time. Can i win this cases?can i get the custody of the children and no need to pay maintenance fees? and my child already start kindergarden walking distance from my mum's home.If the custody to the mum will affect his study coz her parents stay about 40 min drive from the kindergarden.
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