Motor Insurance Claim For Traffic Fatal Accident

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asked on May 27, 2015 at 22:56
Dear Sir ,

My father in law met with an accident in March 2015, He was hit by a driver and he was admitted for his injury and pass on few weeks later. A lawyer came forward for assitant and help us assist for his claim.

The lawyer say government pays only 10K for his claim which really shock me.

The accident happened not due to his fault. Please advise me what is the amount he can claim and how claims can be submitted  ? Their family not sure of all this and i am a Singaporean unable to advise them on Malaysia claim policy and procedure.

Please assist

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answered on May 28, 2015 at 00:09
What type of accident? Private road inside complexes, estate roads or on public road?
Forklift, van, bus, lorry, container, schoolbus, taxi or private driver, or even bankrupted drivers.?

Why Government pays? Hit and run? There is a special insurance for these types of cases.

The lawyer may be send by the insurance company of that "driver".. Check with the Malaysian Bar Council whether that lawyer is a practising one. If he is a fraudster.. make a polis repot on these types of vermins once and for all.

Why cant you act? By law he is also your FATHER..!!

Since u hv posted yr email address, dun worry, more vermins will be contacting you.
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answered on Jan 12, 2016 at 19:39
If you are able to provide details of the accident then we could assist to a greater extent than we can now. However and since you took the trouble to post, I will assume that your father in law was hit by a motor vehicle (car, bus, truck, motor bike)from which he sustained injuries that resutled in his death.

What the lawyer told you before may have been hi interpretation that the third party compulsory insurance every motor vehicle driver must have will pay for your fathers death if it could be proved that it was the fault of the driver.

There ar varying degrees of fault. It depends on whether your father in law was in some ways to blame for the accident although not altogether his fault. e.g. he was not looking when he walked into the path of the vehicle. Its called contributory negligence. Accordingly, lets say he is otherwise entitled to $100,000 compensation the court will reduce the pay out by say 25% so that he will receive $75,000.

Before you engage a lawyer, any make sure you ask them to put in writing their fees and how they propose to charge for their services. It is called a client letter and a retainer. Malaysian lawyers in insurance cases are notorious for doing what is called a "runner". They collect the compensation or insurance payouts take huge amounts for themselevs or altogether run away with the proceeds and lay low for a while.

There was a commonwealth lawyers report published sometime in 2012 which identified Malaysian lawyers as being one of the worst abusers of insurance claims anywhere in the commonwealth.
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