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asked on Jul 24, 2014 at 05:59
Hi, My car Proton Exora, bought in June 2010. On 8March 2014, my car happens to caught on fire while my family on our way out for breakfast nearby my house. Which around 10minutes drive. Called up Motor Assist immediately and they send a tow truck. During conversation with the Motor Assist staff, I did ask if to send back to Proton Edar Service Center is OK. And the answer was affirmative. No further advise was given and I am not aware that Proton was not their panel workshop. As a consumer, my thought was to send back to the manufacturer was a wise decision as they may be able to sought out things better. As for now, it has already been 4months plus to repair my car and I still have not get back my car. I totally see no reason for that long period. For your information, I only received confirmation on adjuster assigned on 17March 2014. Claimed approved on 26 March 2014. We are like chasing both proton and the insurer every one to two days of call. Finally, we were informed to collect our car on 14 May 2014. But when we went to collect on 15May 2014, to our surprise, headlights got yellowed due to smoke, body wiring not approved. We did made further complaints again and again. To cut the story short, they have sent the adjuster at least 3times and still cannot get back my car in satisfactory condition. We have made plenty of complain and at least 5supplementary repair is being done and yet my car is not ready. I have seen the list sent in by proton at the beginning, I will say at least half of the estimation was not approved. Furthermore, now is near Raya, proton staff did inform us this will be the peak season and they are not able to get my car ready in time. If my insurer would have approved all the claims earlier, I may not need to suffer for so long without a vehicle. As we know, living in klang valley without a vehicle especially in sales line, it is a major problem. I would like to check if I will be able to request for compensation or bring the case to court to do so due to the negligence and unprofessionalism of the insurer.
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