Marriage between a Muslim and non-Muslim without converting?

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asked on Jul 7, 2009 at 05:35
by   jennifer
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I'm a Malaysian and have been dating a Muslim guy for almost 3 years now, and we love each other a lot. The problem is, I'm a Christian and my family doesn't know anything about our relationship because I knew my family will reject him. I just want to know:

1. Is it A MUST for me to convert to Islam if we were to marry each other?

2. A friend of mine told me that her Muslim pal said that I could marry my boyfriend without converting, but the catch is our future children will have to follow their dad's religion, which is Islam. How true is that statement?

Some of my friends are concerned that if I were to convert, I won't have much privileges and I'll be at the losing end. At the same time, my boyfriend is the greatest guy ever and I really, really love him. The only thing that's standing in our way is our religions. I hope someone could clarify my doubts. Thank you.
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