Will judge understand me i tell truth why i hit her ?

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asked on Feb 1, 2016 at 22:02
by   FramedHusband
I have posted here before.

Arrange marriage.
She is rude,violent, manipulative, bullying woman. (She is tough sized, overpowers me during physical struggles)
I filed to annul after 5 months marriage ceremony,failed to annul after 18 months. No kids.
Asked her to leave my house, she refused to leave, i left my house instead, she changed all locks to my house.
I Filed divorce petition after annul failed.
Got divorce in her absence. She asked to court to cancel earlier judgement, saying i abused her and she deserves a my house, reimbursements , alimonies etc.

My status is already divorced. However, now continue with trial that i abused, hurt her and she claims my property, reimbursements for marriage expenses and alimony.

one day, the day before i moved out from my house, have had enough of her bullying me emotionally and physically, slapped her many times. Her grinning reaction at that time, made me realise that this is what she wanted all along. I fell into her trap. She immediately reported me to police, went to GH etc. However, in her police report, there is photo of her with blue eye as if given a big punch. I didnt to that. I dont have any evidence, but the exwife seems to have been wise enough to collect receipts , evidences etc.

Now for coming trial, do i have to maintain that i never hit her or can i tell the truth to judge, will the judge understand my desperate frustration at that time.

Its a lady judge.
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answered on Feb 2, 2016 at 04:58
by   jeff005
@ FramedHusband

You fell to the oldest trick in town.

Will judge understand me i tell truth why i hit her
Hit is hit.
You could use a hockey stick and bash up ur own head that requires stitches at that time, go to GH then make polis report. Then maybe the Judge may fine both of you for fighting.

Got divorce in her absence
Bad lawyer services.

do i have to maintain that i never hit her
Stupid. Who teached you? Your lawyer?
Even I wont believe you didnt.
Tell the truth, slap is slap, punch is punch.

Its a lady judge
No relevance. But if there is child custody, you may die faster..

The polis repot.. did the polis charged you under DVA?
Did the IO called you in to make a statement?
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answered on Feb 17, 2016 at 20:23
by   nimujal00
I am a married man.
I have met a Kadazan, Muslim single mother(divorced).
We want to get together, however i haven't officially divorce with my wife.
Questions I ponder:
1. If the muslim lady is pregnant now, what will we face? Penalty? Imprisonment?
2. How can i make this lady my wife without having to divorce my first wife? and if i decide not to convert to Muslim.
2. If i were to convert to Muslim, how about my existing marriage?
3. Can we be united under the civil law without having to convert in the event i divorce my wife?
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