Act to save the family unit

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Act to save the family unit

STRENGHTENING the family institution and promoting noble values are in greater need now than ever before, judging by the issue of moral degradation and social ills besetting our children and teenagers today.

When a nation progresses the family institution could be the first victim with children not getting enough attention and guidance leading to the emergence of various social ills affecting our teenagers.

The fact is that parents are busy with their careers and not able to spend quality time with their children with the result that thousands of urban children are left to the whims and mindsets of foreign maids, baby-sitters and in some cases relatives.

Children who return from schools find themselves in empty homes as both their parents are out at work. There is no one around to show parental love, teach and inculcate in the children good family values.

Instead of seeking guidance from parents these children do so from their peers. With negative peer pressure, an environment will exist which will eventually lead to various social ills.

Children who grow up in such an environment will end up becoming the victims of social ills like truancy, violence in schools, drug abuse and even crime.

If this problem is not addressed it will result in a serious divide between children and their parents and an increase in social problems and crime involving young people.

If this problem is not addressed it will result in a serious divide between children and their parents and an increase in social problems and crime involving young people.

Parents must be increasingly concerned about the quality of family life and must constantly take steps to instill in their children the basic moral values needed to build the foundation for a strong, stable and cohesive society.

It is meaningless to have dynamic economic growth with improved living standards and per capita income when the moral values, quality of life and family development do not grow proportionately.

Family development and family empowerment are essential in the upbringing of children, educating and guiding them to grow up as useful and positive citizens.

The power and potential of the family in the fight against social ills afflicting our nation’s youth is much greater and more meaningful than all the enforcement agencies we can muster to tackle social problems.

For while law enforcement is essential, more important is our ability to open our homes and give communities access through the strength and the power of the family.

Empowering families to undertake the tasks and responsibilities towards tackling social problems must include inter alia the inculcation of parenting skills and motivating families to be interested and involved in the development of their children.

The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) calls on both the public and private sectors to organise more family-based activities with incentives from the Government in order to strengthen family institutions and their role in national development.

With regard to the family well-being index which, according to the Prime Minister, currently is at 7.55 out of a scale of 10, it is obvious that a lot more needs to be looked into by the Government for further improvement.

Apart from the social ills which afflict families, other issues like the frequent occurrences of crime and safety in the community must be addressed continuously and effectively as they impact greatly on family well-being.


Vice-chairman, MCPF
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