I want a divorce but am pregnant and jobless. Should I wait till the baby is born? How to ensure I get the child custody?

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asked on Dec 13, 2014 at 10:32
by   Janelle
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I am married to my husband less than a year and I am now 6 months pregnant. But his parents have planned on splitting us apart and accuse me with harsh words and threatening me. My husband just keeps quiet and yells at me for no reasons. He has cheated on me before. He threaten me to listen to his parents do what they ask me too.

I am 24 this year and he is 23. I quit my job after I got pregnant. Since then I have been living with my parents. His parents accused me and my parents which do not make me feel good and unbearable to live a married life like this. I want a divorce and he is okay with it.

But I want to know if we are able to divorce since we married less than 2 years. What about allowance and child custody ? Or should I wait till the child is born then only apply for divorce ? Please help me. I do not want to be apart from my future kids. What is the process of divorce? How much it will cost? How the arrangement of allowance as I am not working now?

If you are lawyer and think that you could help please contact me. Thank you so much! I need help indeed.
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