Converting to Islam

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asked on Oct 14, 2014 at 16:31
by   Lise
Hello. I am an American citizen living in Malaysia. I am currently dating a Malay man and we plan on getting married next year. I understand that with him being Muslim, I must convert to Islam in order to marry him and live together in Malaysia. I have a few questions about the process.

1. Do I need to take a conversion course? If so, where do I go? How long does the course take? Can it be delivered in English? Is it possible to pass or fail the course? Approximately how much does it cost? I am finding it difficult to find all of this information online.

2. I understand that I will need to take a marriage course as well. What does this course entail? Does my boyfriend have to take the course too?

Thank you in advance for your replies and help.
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