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Today i very happy lo.. My wife allow my 9yr old to spend Fathers Day with me 2day. I just read into this site only 1 week ago and i find it very interesting place as it gives "fathers" a place to seek advice. Unlike 3 yrs ago, i fough alone... for justice.

i would love to cross swords with WAO, whom i accuse of wrecking my marriage, by amplifying a small family dispute into big pamelo size cancerous issue.

I am not into giving advices, just sharing what i had to gone thru in the Family High Court Divorce, which i read from this site describing them as corrupted court officials, judges etc..

Mistakes have been made right from the start,

1/ human relationship

2/ NGO's giving wrong advices, which i suspect they purposely take advantage to show that Malaysia has got lots of abuses to women and children, so that they can get more grants to "work" in our country.

3/ When it comes to divorces cases, laywers from both sides always chanfes affidavits, etc, etc.. Change dates at the court registrar giving flimsy excuses, so the they can extend extra time plus extra charges..
How can legal ppl makes language/filing mistakes..?? Spelling mistakes, additional things which the other side lawyer "found" and explioted and the case drag on. Partners-in-crime or cohorts..??

4/ It is madness to have read, " Father given 3 hrs access visitational rights per week".. But it is not the judge error, this time access is probably given/submitted by the lawyers of both sides in the petition.. Sounds fishy..??

5/ I dun blame the lawyers but some are more "ethical than the other one". It is we poor fathers who are careless to put full trust in them to fight for child custody.

My colourfull experience at the FAMILY HIGH COURT, Jln Duta.

1/ Sept 2012 received a letter asking to go to the high court registrar to made an apptment date for 1st Hearing.. A single petition by my now ex wife. There were 15 reasons against me. Of course my ex denied saying all those things, but the affidavit was signed by her on the last page. received registered letter to attend 4 days before registrar appt.

2/ BBG and Bar council legal aid says cannot represent me because too short a notice, acts of sabotage by lawyer firm..?? Ask me to go meet registrar to get new date.

3/ Go meet court registrar on appointed date. Told her i couldnt get a lawyer and ask for new appt date. Req 1 mth later. She answered " Mr. lee, the courts schedule are very busy, u cannot drag the appt and hearing date. I give you 2 weeks later appt date.. ok with the other party.. ?? Lawyer says have to check with client first. I said my wife told me she need not come so it is yr call. Ok new date.. Registrar then tells me, Mr. Lee , u also can do e-filing yourself, just quote petition no.. no need lawyers.."
Wow.. cat out of the bag..

4/ Go back BBG, young laywers all says, yr case u can only get visitational rights.

5/ Bar Council Legal Aid.. same answer.. Plus.. u hv to pay since u hv monies in EPF. I went to Bar Council to seek clarifications. The answer there was nice.. EPF not meant for divorce legal cases. (Age 55++) Hahahaa..

6/ At BC Legal Aid, ok i pay, but why I can get JC..?? I demanded to see the supervising lawyer. One nice malay gentleman ( a DATUK ) met me..  U speak english, go speak to the judge, they are humans too, remember u cannot represent yourself in court, but you can speak to the judge and answer their questions properly. U stand a good chance to get JC if you can answer and justify yourself. U dont need a lawyer to answer for you, u are the one being sued. Yr wife needs a lawyer.. You can also tell wife what you want by emails, and send it to her lawyers. Take it or leave it.. or fight for custody.. Many Thanks to that gentleman. I did follow his advice.

7/ On appt date, my wife and i were present at the registrar, her lawyer too. I ask for date of hearing, registrar says what about in 7 days, both my wife and i says ok.. but her lawyer says she busy.. another date, also busy.. 2mths later.. also busy.. So registrar shook her head and ask for lawyer free dates.. she gave one date a month later. Both my wife and i says ok.. Wife lawyer ask me who is yr lawyer?? I answered no lawyer no money, i contest with my mouth. Registrar says no problem, just prepare your work and dont waste court time..

8/ It comes to show, it can be the lawyers who keeps changing and postponing dates under the guise of clients instructions. So to divorce wanabees, both parties go to court together on appointed dates, you get less postponed courts hearings.

9/ To cut long story short, I went to 1st court hearing alone, got the single petition changed to JP, got my JC all at the hearing within 2 hrs. 1st and only hearing, RECEIVED my decree nisi absolute 4mths later.. Saved my ex lots of monies which is used for my son living expenses now.. The Lady High Court Judge was very professional and standing in front of her, both my ex and I  had to answer her barrage of queries all pertaining to the welfare of my son. I also received a token monthly alimony for the rest of my life.. I am 58 now, who knows, can enjoy the money for a few more years b4 i kick the bucket..

Hope bourkey, vkpc, lawnovice, samantha can share interesting cases with us..

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