Query on Property Joint Ownership in cases of Bankruptcy

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asked on Jul 6, 2011 at 15:32
by   Sarah
Needing help on this issue

My ex and I have two properties in KL. The first has a joint ownership between me and him with the property loan of this house under his name alone. The second property also has a joint ownership but with the property loan now under my name only.

My question is if he was declared a bankrupt, will I, a Gov servant be affected in any way? My concern is solely on the second property for which the loan is under my name. I am also paying mortgages for a third property, but for which my ex is not involved. If the Bank decides to auction the first property as a result of my ex's being declared a bankrupt,will the second property be auctioned too as he has a joint ownership on the second property??

Desperately needing help on these issues

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