Income tax for foreigner.

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asked on Apr 4, 2008 at 14:42
by   KImK
I am a Korean and working here in Malaysia. My company is EDS which is a big MSC company here.
I am working here already 3 and half years but I never summit my income tax.
My questions are...

1. foreigner also need to summit Income tax every year? (because, in Korea, the company will do all)
2. If so, how to do it? Where can I go? Which documents I need? No way to send it through the Internet?
3. If I summit all the previouse years one, there is penalty or something??

I am really do not know about tax summit here.. Please help me... can introduce tax agent also can..
Hope I can get good news.
My company do not care about us - they just say I need but no information how...
Help me please....
My personal e-mail is - you can send an email also.
Thank you very much,
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