Q.. I was overstaying in Malaysia for 5 months. What should I do?

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Self Surrender to the nearest immigration center for repatriation back to home country.

For overstaying, you need to have a EXIT PASS  Special Pass in order to exit Malaysian Immigration checkpoint.

A Malaysian Visa is just to enter only.

You will have to pay overstay fines and a blacklist for any re-entry.
Further Notes :

What should I need to do after my Malaysia EP visa have expired for 3 months? I have overstayed for 3 months. How much do I need to pay for Fine? Which process do I need to proceed to return to my country?


What should I need to proceed for my visa process to return to my country after my Malaysian EP visa has expired and I have overstayed for 3 months?


Is the back-for-good program still available in Malaysia? If no, then is there any program for people who overstayed in Malaysia and wanted to go back for good?


If your passport has been lost or stolen and you don't have an ID card with you, is it possible to get a new passport?

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