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asked on Nov 29, 2022 at 22:49
Hi , I am applying for a 2nd house loan , via an agent . So we did submission to 3 banks. One of the banks replied I have a NPL record with my existing homeloan. ( its 2 different banks , the one I am applying now and the one I am servicing for my 1st house. )

For your record , my CCRIS DON't have any records of Special Attention Account ( either NPL or anything else ) . I have checked from BNM , e-ccris.

. I suspect it might due to long time Special Attention Account ( SAA ) status about 10 yrs ago , but it had been long settled. ( I paid all the outstanding last time and continue to service my 1st House loan punctually every month until now )

My question are :
a. If SAA are not seen in my CCRIS anymore, would the banks ( lender ) see past records ? Maybe say 10 years ago I had a SSA status . I got to know CCRIS enquiry by Bank might be more detail , but will my past SAA remain there ( 5-10 years record in which had been settled ) ? 

b. Does the Bank ( lender ) able to see SAA record for the past 12 months or just 12 months ?

Because one of the bank replied that because I have a NPL past history making my credibility in question to apply for 2nd home loan.

Would appreciate your advice ..

Thanks and have a good day
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answered on Nov 30, 2022 at 00:31
One of the banks replied I have a NPL record with my existing homeloan.

Banks are not only using CCRIS.

BNM CCRIS is only one of credit rating agencies in Malaysia. There are 5 others.

10 years ago, one or more agencies may have captured your defaults and it is not updated.
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answered on Nov 30, 2022 at 22:42
Hi Jeff , thanks for your reply. I have checked my CTOS , Experian ,CCRIS , Credit Bureau Malaysia , there is no record on NPL or SAA. 

Could past record of NPL ( 10 years  ) affect the loan application ( if its already cleared ) ?
If it does affect , what is the suggested remedy or solution ?

Really thanks for your help

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answered on Dec 8, 2022 at 17:19
edited Dec 8, 2022 at 17:20
by   jeff005
what is the suggested remedy or solution ?
I have no suggestions.
It depends on each Credit Ratings Agencies to update their records where necessary.

In any case, for a second home (normally for investment purposes) it is up to the benks to assess for credit portfolio. Every benk has set its own criteria. One benk may approve while another may reject and the giving of various excuses.

It is your personal credit portfolio that needs to be "upgraded".  Citing my own friend's personal case, my friend's son purchased his first home (RM300K), 3 benks approved the loan. Few years later, he intended to purchase a second investment house (RM450K), 3 benks also approved taking note he has never defaulted on any types of loans, be it housing or credit cards.

The Covid Pandemic  has cost many ppl to lose their permanent jobs and many of them are being in a position for bankruptcy. So, the benks may "upped" their criteria for loans disbursements.
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