Why you have to own a passport for travelling if you already have an ID card that basically contains the same information?

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asked on Nov 26, 2022 at 23:08
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by   jeff005

1.  One needs a passport for overseas travel.

2.  IC card contains more personal information within than passport.

3.  IC card have no expiry period whereas passport have expiry date.

4.  You do not expect other countries to have the same card reading systems as your advanced country. What can be read can be stored, you want your personal data to be captured in every country you are visiting? And then be victim of scams?

5.  MY IC card have additional feature to be used for purchases of which is not available in passport.

6. Both Malaysian IC card and International Passport are biometrics enabled.

7.  While overseas, our IC ( Identity Card ) is non functional. Only our passport is our legal identification document. The IC is only functional in the event of loss of passport and is used to apply for temporary travel certificates from the Malaysian Embassy.
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