Condo Management refused to acknowledge complaint on Water seepage from Common Area. Letter of demand from authorities received.

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asked on Nov 7, 2022 at 11:18
Hi, I need some advice and recommendations.

Recently we received a letter of demand from DBKL, filed from the Condo property management jointly with my neighbour living in the unit below mine. They claimed that it is due to my water piping that has caused leakage to the condo below my unit.

We have previously investigated this matter and rectified/repaired the piping said to have caused the leakage at our cost. However the leakage continues in my neighbours unit and both Condo management and neighbour continues to point the blame at my condo.

We have called in professionals to access the damage and discovered that the common area (walkway) outside of my unit is also causing water to seep through to the floor below and hence into my neighbours unit. A complaint has been filed to the condo management to fix this matter back in June 2022 however the condo management has refused to acknowledge or even discuss this matter, and maintains their argument that the leakage to the unit below is still coming from my unit.

I am now liable to either be fined RM50K or prison if I don't respond to DBKL's demand to fix this matter.

The condo management, in this case, has pushed all blame to me and is skirting around the matter.

1. What should I do to resolve this? If it means legally battling this out in the tribunal courts, then could someone recommend a good and reasonably priced lawyer to me for this matter?

I have all evidence and documents pertaining this matter at hand and ready, but also a timeframe given to resolve this by the tribunal courts. Appreciate some advice!
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