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asked on Jul 4, 2022 at 10:55
Dear All,

I need an advice on below :

My brother in law has appoint his friend as Power Of Attorney for his current low cost apartment which is still under bank loan.

The agreement was done in 2020 and which the wife doesn't know about this arrangement done btw his husband and his friend (new friend actually).

Last year my BIL was fell down and injured his head and has went for major brain surgery and now his having memory lost and has lost his speech (cant communicate properly).

The issue now, his friend wanted to sell my brother in law house which they are staying now by using his POA letter.

Is it possible for his friend to do that? Can anyone help on this matter? We are really do not know what to do next.

Really appreciate for your kind help on this issue.

Thank you.
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answered on Jul 4, 2022 at 18:38
We are really do not know what to do next.
Once the POA has been issued and he is not in a position to change it, it remains legit.

I do not see any issues if the house is being sold for his medical upkeep, as the moneys is banked into his personal acct.
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