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asked on Jun 9, 2022 at 15:33

My husband was on social visit and due to an error in my calculation (not mine, really, I googled the date and 90 days was the day we exited. However, we had a shock when the immigration told us it was one day overstayed. When we tried to reenter (LTSVP already in process, just exiting to keep social visit alive), they pulled us into the office again, and said that we have to reenter in one month's time (that is after calling in front of me and deciding if it is one week or one month). Is there no fix rules on this? When is actually the earliest date to return to Malaysia?
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answered on Jun 9, 2022 at 18:32
There is no fix rules on visa runs
It is at the discretion of the immigration officer in front of you.
When exiting, you have been informed about the one day overstay and there is no penalty imposed.

The correct manner to keep the SVP alive is to apply for an extension.

Visa runs is already outlawed in most ASEAN countries.

After a legal marriage, the male foreigner spouse have to leave Malaysia and can only apply for a LTSVP after a cooling period of 6 months.

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