B4G program, when can I return?

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asked on May 13, 2022 at 18:04

i took part in the B4G program in Malaysia  in 2019. I was studying and graduated but I had given my passport to a friend to drop off at the school office  and he long story he took it and disappeared. I overstayed in KL for 9 months i needed to leave and go home, i went for the B4G and i event explained to the immigration lady and she was very nice and understanding and tried to help, but i was scared to be detained and i was all alone. anyways  they stamped in my passport BLI/WM and that's it nothing else what does this mean? 
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answered on May 13, 2022 at 20:31
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by   jeff005
@ lillyman

BLI/WM and that's it nothing else what does this mean? 
Short story the B4G is a life time ban.
Ur lucky to get a BLI/WM because you were still on a student pass.
The minimum ban period for this stamp is 5 years.

For BLI/WM, you may try your luck after 2 years from date of BAN by applying to the Malaysian Embassy in your country by the presentation of valid grounds for re-entry.

I was also glad today that after 2 years (event also happened in late 2019) i/we managed to bring back the blacklisted wife of a Malaysian whose eVISA was out a few days ago. It took 2 years++, but very glad they can be together again within the next few days/weeks.

For the B4G program, please read here.
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