Malaysia's Immigration Blacklisting. What is Appeal /Clearance - The process of Appeal for re-entry into Malaysia

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asked on Feb 27, 2022 at 22:47
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This article is in response to the current Query :

Notes : 
1. This article covers the procedural aspect only, not the comprehensive details.

2. This is a paid response on a retainer fee until the appeal letter has been filed with MY IMI HQ.

3. The student has left for home country.

Readers are advised not to "copy and paste" as each and every blacklisted individual has different situations, different circumstances and length /period of overstay as well as other possible additional immigration infringements (eg expired passport).

The main content is about :

Appeal for re-entry for the purpose of completing my Education

(on a BLI/WM Blacklist)

BLI = Black List Immigration

Technically there is no such thingy as clearance or cancellation of a Blacklist inside Malaysian IMI Systems.

The blacklist will always remain until expiration as stated inside the "exit stamp".

If there is no fixed period of blacklisting stated, then there can be venues of appeal for re-entry based on personal valid circumstances. Take note for those caught working or have been jailed, there can be no appeals.
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answered on Feb 27, 2022 at 23:12
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by   jeff005
@ Rafa


Prepare the following

1. Covering Letter to MY IMI HQ (2 sets)
2. Covering Letter to EMGS
3. Covering Letter to Visa Officer of your College
4. Covering Letter to the Bangladesh Embassy of Malaysia

5. Main content cover letter must be in hardcopy served to MY IMI HQ addressed to the DG of Immigration. The duplicate copy of the cover letter must be signed, stamped and acknowledgement of receipt by IMI and retained by you.

6. You may email PDF copies to EMGS (including cover letters) and your the College concerned as well as to your Embassy for their reference. This is telling them, it is "business as usual" and you are very serious for no responses from them.


Sample Heading of cover letter to MY IMI :
(note this is my personal style - non-legal)

To the Director General of Immigration Malaysia
( address – xxxxxx Putrajaya)

Date :  xxxxxxx

Dear Sir

            Letter of Appeal

Ref:  Appeal for re-entry for the purpose of completing my Education
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answered on Feb 28, 2022 at 12:23
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by   jeff005
Fresh from the oven into my mail box.. Hot !!  Hot !!

A case of Appeal being rejected by MY IMI thru EMGS

What is the actual issue?

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answered on Feb 28, 2022 at 22:49
What is C.O.M. as in Immigration Policies?
COM = Check Out Memo
All PASS issued by the Malaysian Immigration must be formally and legally cancelled upon completion of contract, eg:
a)   Student Pass
b)   VPTE (Visitor Pass Temporary Employment
c)   Dependant Pass
Work Permit (PWP) have another clause, clearance from the Income Tax Dept.
Sample of a properly cancelled VPTE with the C.O.M. stamp and exit stamp (into the PASS)


Only the Employer or College can apply for this COM with the passport submitted to IMI Dept. at least one month before expiry of the PASS. Sometimes even earlier due to infrequent flights to faraway countries.
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answered on Mar 1, 2022 at 22:27
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by   jeff005
My personal answers to the above Query

Dear John Doe..

From your docs, the rejection letter from MY IMI did not state any reason (it is standard reply when the fault is not yours but could be from another source).

Apparently the verbal answer is that the old student pass was not cancelled. 
This is the situation which is a C.O.M. issue, as I have written as above.

This error is from 3 parties

1. The IMI Officer at the check point (exit) was careless not to peruse thru the student pass properly and thus could have stopped the exit. This can happen during heavy traffic.

2.  The college hold sole responsibility, as the only party who can exit the student by the application of the COM. The varsity is fully aware that this student is going back "for good". The varsity has failed in their responsibility and legal functions.

3.  The Letter of Appeal was not properly written /structured and is not submitted by the student himself rather written by a distressed and frustrated father.

However, it is my personal view that this rejection can be repeal with a corrected restructured revised Letter of Appeal to the correct entities.

Dun try means sure fail.. Do try with full confidence since the flaws in the first appeal has been identified.

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answered on Mar 3, 2022 at 01:18
@ John Doe..

My personal suggestion is to make a repeal for re-entry for the purpose of completing your education and internship..
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