How to avoid blacklisting and continue studying after I overstayed?

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asked on Feb 26, 2022 at 13:24
Hi, my name is Hamid. I am from Somalia, I was pursuing my bachelors’ degree here in Malaysia for 2 and half years, as a self-sponsored student. Everything was going smooth and well until Covid19 happened and hit my parent’s financials and they couldn’t pay my education fees anymore. I made a request to the university to ease my due balances but unfortunately they couldn’t provide it since the university is private and a lot of students was having the same problems. So I tried to postpone some semesters until things change and get back to normal but covid situation was getting worse and worse until my visa expiration date arrived, I went back to the university to let them know my situation and they told me if they apply visa for me I would get rejected and blacklisted because I postponed 2 semesters. And to immediately exit the country before my visa expires and only then reapply a visa while I’m outside Malaysia. Since the flights here to Somalia was way expensive than usual, I tried to obtain visa from neighbouring countries like Thailand or Cambodia, and applied tourist visas. while I was in the search for solutions and waiting for responses from the embassies regrading the tourist visas, things got escalated and my visa expired. I contacted the university they told me to go to the immigration and get special pass, so I immediately made appointments from their (Immigration) website to the nearest date which was almost 2 months away from the date I was making the appointment. But suddenly after that MCO 2.0 happened, everything shutdown again and my appointments delayed time after time and my overstaying duration already reached year.

Now that everything is back to normal and my parents can financially support my educations. Is there a way I could settle my overstay and resume my educations?
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answered on Feb 26, 2022 at 14:10

1. Is there a way I could settle my overstay 
No way.. once immigration laws have been broken, if caught walking on the streets, arrested, jailed, fine and then deportation. If caught working illegally - plus 6 strokes of the cane..

2.  resume my educations?
Ask your the college's administrators. What course did you take?

Notice :

post a clear copy of your student pass here for proper discussion. You may delete your name and personal data.

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answered on Feb 26, 2022 at 14:41
edited Feb 26, 2022 at 15:08
by   jeff005
they told me to go to the immigration and get special pass

Luckily you cannot get an appointment and did not go.

That special pass is a  Deportation Pass..

You will be given 14 days to leave Malaysia 
(subject to availability of air ticket direct back to home country).
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