Re-Entry for employment after serving 3 year ban on student visa overstay in 2013

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asked on Feb 20, 2022 at 23:01
Good day

I am a citizen of Botswana and studied in Malaysia years ago. In 2013 I had an over stay on my student visa and was subsequently sent back home with a 3 year BAN. Its been 9 years now since I have been to Malaysia but I now have a prospective employment opportunity there and would like to know if my previous ban will affect me getting an employment visa/pass? 

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you
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answered on Feb 21, 2022 at 00:07
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by   jeff005
@ LEKS2020

 would like to know if my previous ban will affect me getting an employment visa/pass? 

1.  My answer is a beegbeeg NO issue.

2.  You have served the punishment and the any blacklisting has already been expired.

3.  In any case, you would be having a new passport, so any physical blacklisting stamp is no longer in your new passport. The blacklisting will still be in MY IMI records but have already expired and no reference will be made.

Please take note that Foreign Employment Laws have changed since the last time you were here. It is direct Employer /Employee application thru a new Govt agency known as MDEC. No agents are allowed. The prospective employer will pay for all levies and a air-ticket home after completion of any employment contract known is EP (Employment PASS).

The employer will make the applications with your credentials, not you and must have a permit to employ foreigners.

MY IMI will send to you direct to your home country one VDR (Visa For Reference) whereby you must present to the nearest Malaysian Embassy or Consular Services to get a Visa (even if you are from a visa free country to Malaysia) to enter Malaysia to complete the immigration application. This step is very very important, I repeat..!!

If the steps is not like what I have described, then they are bogus human traffickers.. !!

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